Panasonic ES-WL50 Wet & Dry Lady Shaver


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Quick and Gentle Shaving with Panasonic Wet & Dry Compact Lady Shaver


Introducing a new ES-WL50 wet & dry compact lady shaver that enables quick, gentle shaving for the entire body anytime anywhere. Efficiently shave your legs, arms, underarms and even trim the bikini line with the compact, lightweight ES-WL50.


Quick shaving and trimming for the whole body

Quick & efficient shaving and trimming for the whole body, from the legs, arms and underarms to the bikini line, with this one device.


Large inner blade for efficient shaving

With a large inner blade, the shaver touches a large area of skin, making it difficult to miss hairs.


Floating blade closely fits the skin

The blade sinks, enabling a close fit to uneven skin surfaces, thereby reducing the burden on the skin.


Inner blade doesn’t touch the skin directly

The blade does not touch the skin directly, to offer gentle shaving.


Convenient Pop-up Trimmer

Press the button to pop-up the blade to use the Pop-up Trimmer. Trim long and flat hairs efficiently with a 34.5 mm wide trimmer head.


Easy-to-care bikini area

You can trim and adjust the volume of under hair with the bundled Bikini Comb.


Wet & Dry Shaving

Gentle on the skin, whether shaving with foam or dry shaving.  


Wet Shaving 

Can be used in the bath, with a foam shaving.  


Dry Shaving 

Can easily be used on dry skin. Convenient for quick shaving.


Compact & Light Body

At 120g*, this portable shaver is lightweight, compact and battery-powered, so it can be easily carried and taken on trips. 


* without cap/attachments, with batteries.


Switch Lock Function

Lock when not in use so you can carry it in the pouch without worrying about it turning on accidentally.



Easy to clean with water after use for hygienic maintenance.


  • Large Inner Blade & Floating Foil
  • Quick & Efficient Shaving
  • Wet & Dry Shaving
  • Switch Lock Function

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