Panasonic EW-1511-W503 Στοματική φροντίδα

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Panasonic EW1511, Στοματική φροντίδα


Rechargeable oral humidifier with ultrasonic technology

Powerful water jet with ultrasonic technology flushes hidden bacteria in periodontal vesicles that cause periodontitis.

Ultrasonic technology

Powerful water nozzle for rinsing food residues.

The full tank provides 60 seconds of use

Large water tank (approx. 200 ml).

Fast charging in 1 hour

Charger with two nozzle stands.


5 kinds of dental care with water jets

The Panasonic humidifier removes food debris trapped between the teeth with a water jet and rinses the floating plaque in the gum pockets. Powerful water ...



Cleaning of interdental spaces

A powerful ultrasonic water jet gets food remnants from interdental spaces.


Cleaning periodontal vesicles

The ultrasonic water jet removes bacteria in the interdental pockets that cause gum disease.


Gums care

The water jet gently stimulates the gums approximately 1,600 pulses per minute * 1 . 

* 1 With water pressure setting at level 5.


Dental care device

The water nozzle rinses food residues from hard-to-reach places such as dental bridges and interdental spaces.


Cleaning the surface of the teeth

A more powerful water jet with ultrasonic technology now allows removal of plaque deposited on the tooth surface. 

* 1 With water pressure setting at level 5.


Ultrasonic technology

Shock waves generated by bubble cracking increase cleaning efficiency. This procedure helps to remove more food residues on the teeth and between them 


ultrasonic flow technology for efficient cleaning of interdental spaces and periodontal pouches, water tank approx. 200 ml / 60 seconds cleaning, 5 levels of water flow intensity, approx.

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