Panasonic EW-DM81-W503 Ηλεκτρική Οδοντόβουρτσα


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Παραλαβή (από το κατάστημα) ή Παράδοση, σε 1-3 ημέρες

Very fine bristles to clean gingival pockets



 Very fine bristles

Very fine bristles

To remove the periodontitis bacteria from bacteria in the gingival pockets, the ends of the bristles must enter the narrow pockets. 


The brush developed by Panasonic with very fine bristles has bristles with a diameter of approx. 0.02 mm and was designed to penetrate into the gingival pockets at just 3 mm. Comparison of the ease with which bristles enter the gingival pouch


Sonic vibrations

Sonic vibrations

The brush vibrates at a speed of approx. 31,000 strokes / minute, ensuring fast and even movement. 


Short and fast vibrations accurately remove tartar from the gingival pockets, while minimizing pressure on the teeth and gums.



Two brushing modes to choose from


REGULAR operation for ordinary brushing and DELICATE mode for a softer one.


Soft-start function & 30-second timer * 1


Begin with gentle stimulation to avoid sudden strong brushing. It interrupts brushing for approx. 30 seconds to facilitate the measurement of brushing time. * 1 Time from inclusion. 



Ultra-compact, ergonomic design


ergonomic design

The ultra-compact and lightweight design makes it easy to use. 



stand A stand for storing and loading the brushing head and the brush body. 


Suitable for cleaning


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EW-DM81 Oral hygiene


Very fine bristles

with a diameter of 0.02 mm, designed to reach a depth of 3 mm

High frequency vibrations

31,000 bristle strokes / min

Ultra compact and lightweight



Charging timeOk. 17 hours

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