Panasonic MJ-L500SXE Αργός Αποχυμωτής


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Άμεση παραλαβή (από το κατάστημα) ή Παράδοση σε 1-3 ημέρες


3 stages to produce tasty desserts

You can juice frozen fruits using the innovative frozen attachment to create delicious sorbets and frozen yoghurts.


Juice outlet with silicone cover

Prevents dripping after the juice is extracted.



Revolutionary bladeless, low speed extraction reduces oxidisation, producing longer lasting juice.


Squeezing while preserving nutrition

Stainless steel screw rotates by pressing and crushing to extract maximum juice and retains vitamins, nutrients and anti-oxidants vital for health and well-being


Great tasting juices without the separation

Ingredients are pressed and crushed for increased yield and minimum waste. Retains more vitamin C and other nutrients than a standard high speed juicer.


We LOVE food, and you’re here so we guess that you do, too! We aim to provide you with a variety of delicious options to cater to what you’re in the mood for! 


  • Low-speed compression Pressed and squeezed slowly to retain nutrients and preserve the vitamins
  • Durable Tough stainless steel blade provides perfect results
  • Frozen attachment Innovative frozen attachment ideal for preparing iced drinks and frozen desserts.

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