Panasonic MJ-9L01A Wide mesh filter


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Άμεση παραλαβή (από το κατάστημα) ή Παράδοση σε 1-3 ημέρες

For Slow Juicer MJ-L500 and replacement for MJ-L600

  • Accessory for Slow Juicer MJ-L500
  • Replacement for MJ-L600
  • For vegetable purées

The perfect complement to the Slow Juicer!


Thanks to this filter with large holes mesh you can make dense, creamy and fiber-rich vegetable purees, minimizing waste. Indulge your imagination to make many fresh recipes: soups, velvety, but also fresh tomato purée. Surprise your friends with excellent home-made hummus or yoghurt-based desserts, create sophisticated dressings for your salads, or have fun making excellent smoothies. The MJ-9L01A filter is an optional accessory for the MJ-L500 and a replacement filter for the MJ-L600.


Ingredients for two people

  • 250 g of green cherry tomatoes 
  • 50 g of cucumbers 
  • 40 g of green pepper 
  • 65 g of celery 
  • 50 g of onion 
  • A pinch of salt 



  • 30 g of green cherry tomatoes 
  • 10 g of cucumber 
  • 10 g of celery Tabasco 
  • olive oil



Cut all the basic ingredients into small pieces to adapt them to the Slow Juicer. Then cut all the ingredients for the garnish into cubes and place them in many small bowls. Insert all the basic ingredients into the Slow Juicer using the large mesh filter. Add salt if necessary. Pour the gazpacho on a plate, add the olive oil, the seasonings for the garnish if you like and the Tabasco according to your taste.



Zen pasta with Marinara sauce


Ingredients for two people

  • 250 g of tomato 
  • ½ garlic (5 g) 
  • 30 g of onion 
  • 20 g of black olives 
  • A tablespoon of olive oil 
  • Oregano 
  • Salt 
  • 150 g of Zen Pasta 
  • Origano



Cut the tomato into small pieces to adapt it to the Slow Juicer. Remove the heart of the garlic. Insert into the Slow Juicer first the garlic and then the tomato using the large mesh filter. Chop the onion, olives, oregano into very small pieces and mix with the tomato and garlic prepared earlier. Add a little pulp with the parsley, add the olive oil and a pinch of salt. Cook the Zen pasta and serve with Marinara sauce.



Dimensions (L x W x H)10.9 x 10.9 x 9.3 cm

Weight (approx.)0.1 kg

Prohibited ingredientsIngredients that can damage parts● Ice cubes and iced ingredients 

● Peach seeds, plum, mango, cherries, olives etc. 

● Caco (the seeds of which can never be removed completely) 

● Dried foods (soy beans, other grains, wheat, etc.) 

● Raw pumpkin etc. 

● Sugar cane 

● Liquor, vegetable oil, other cooking oils 

● Meat, fish, etc. 

● Hot foods or ingredients

Hot foods that contain a lot of starch● Beans 

● American 


● Potatoes ● Pumpkin etc.

Viscous ingredients that cannot be squeezed● Lotus Root 

● Okra 

● Mulukhiya etc.

Oily ingredients * 2● Sesame 

● Walnuts 

● Peanuts etc.

Note* 1 Allow to cool to less than 60 ° C before taking them. 

* 2 Oily ingredients that can be compressed with the added liquid.

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