Panasonic SD-2500WXE Automated Breadmaker


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Bread maker


Bread baker with renewed 100% gluten-free bread setting, new specialty setting and a new jam and compote setting


In its new modern appearance with cool-touch housing, this bread baker is an ideal addition to your home. The curved, easy-to-use control panel offers great ease of use. With the SD-2500WXE you always have fresh bread from fresh ingredients in an instant, while it can also meet specific dietary requirements (gluten-free, low-salt, high-fiber). What is unique about the Panasonic bread bakers is that the non-stick coating of the bread pan and the kneading blades has a coating of diamond particles, making them twice as solid and scratch-resistant as before. 


With the renewed 100% gluten-free bread program you can bake gluten-free bread in combination with gluten-free bread mixes and flour types. The new specialty institution allows you to use a wide variety of grains and flour types, such as spelled flour (durum wheat) that cannot easily be made into a loaf of bread. 


Now you can quickly and easily make your own jam or compote with the new Jam and Compote function. No fewer than 8 jam and 6 compote recipes are included in the manual of this bread baker.


  • 13 Bread and Dough settings
  • Make jam and compote
  • 3 different sizes of bread


Bread formatXL, L, M

Choice in crust colorLight, Medium, Dark

Raisin / nut dispensernot

Time settingDigital Timer (up to 13 hours)

Bread settingsBread pan with diamond fluo coatingYes

Kneading blade with diamond fluorine coatingYes

Yeast dispensernot

Number of settings13


Baking RaisinsYes

Bake quicklyYes


Dough RaisinsYes



Whole WheatBakingYes

Baking RaisinsYes

Bake quicklyYes


Dough RaisinsYes



100% RyeBakingnot



Only bakeBakingYes

Gluten freeBakingYes (100%)

Specialty institutionYes

Making jam and compoteYes

Generalfood230 / 240V

Dimensions (mm)Width28.0



Weight (kg)6.4

Power consumption [Max.] [W]Maximum 550W

Standard AccessoriesMeasuring cup (310ml)

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