Panasonic SD-ZP2000WXE Bread Maker


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 Crispy. Delicious. Homemade.

The Croustina bread maker is the perfect solution for those who love delicious bread. What makes him special? It gives your bread an incredibly tasty crust - as fresh from the baker. The practical oval baking pan of the Croustina bread maker is ideal for a variety of breads. Indulge your family and friends with tasty and healthy recipe ideas. With special programs for pizza dough, marmalade and cake you can let your creativity in the kitchen run free.


The ideal solution for allergy sufferers

The Croustina bread maker is ideal for gluten-free breads and cakes, thanks to specially designed programs. Ideal for people with gluten intolerance or food allergies. When choosing your ingredients, you can easily omit allergens. This will enable you to make delicious baked goods that are tailored to the individual needs of your family.



Endless possibilities for the gourmet in you


Be inspired by the Croustina bread maker. Try out completely new bread-baking ideas, such as Polenta bread with sun-dried tomatoes and olives. Pre-installed programs for cakes, marmalades and pizza also ensure a healthy change.


The secret behind the perfect crust

With the Croustina Bread Maker you will succeed in an irresistibly crispy and aromatic bread crust. Through an innovative, redesigned baking structure and the heat-reflecting inside of the lid heat is generated as in the oven. So your bread gets a perfect crust - every time.


Ready when you are

Now or rather later? The Croustina bread maker then prepares your bread when you want it. The time delay allows you to determine up to 13 hours in advance when the bread should be ready. For breakfast, dinner or a picnic in the afternoon. You have the choice.


Design & Innovation

Here style and innovation are united in a harmony that can be seen.


Your bread, your choice

What if you could enjoy delicious homemade bread every day - to your taste and with a wonderfully crunchy crust? With the Croustina Bread Maker, you can manage a wide variety of bread types at the push of a button. Ever wanted to bake extra protein-containing bread, crispy polenta or even turmeric cashew bread? Your creativity knows no limits! Combine your desired ingredients for healthy and enjoyable moments.


Revolutionary homemade crust

Bring back fun to your kitchen with the Croustina bread maker. From now on, you can make delicious bread with a crispy crust in a traditional oval shape, as you know it from the baker.


With the practical kitchen appliances by Panasonic conjure in a jiffy fantastic moments of pleasure. We have prepared some delicious recipes for you right from the start to get perfect results. They are precisely tailored to the powerful functions of our products and are guaranteed to succeed. Try it! 



  • Especially crispy bread
  • made of oval baking tin with scratch-resistant ceramic coating
  • Temperature sensors and time delay
  • up to 13 hours pre-selectable
  • Program variety including gluten-free options
  • Crisp breads, breads, cakes, pizza dough, marmalade and gluten-free breads and cakes




Device size - width (about mm)273

Device size - height (about mm)340

Device size - depth (about mm)404

Device weight (kg)7

main materialPP

nominal voltage230


Nominal power consumption700 W

Power failure security10 minutes

Size baking pan - width (about mm)162.8

Size baking pan - height (about mm)156

Size baking tray - depth (about mm)202.8

Coating baking dishceramics

dough hookOnly for ZP2000

Coating kneading hookceramics

Length of power cable (approx. Cm)90cm

Color power cordblack

displayLCD (without backlight)

Language control panelOnly symbol / pictogram

Language device labelEnglish

Yeast donorNo

Raisins and nut distributorNo

timerYes (maximum 13 hours)

size selection2 sizes (soft bread only)

Selection of browning levelsLight, medium (soft, soft / fast, soft / raisins, soft / raisins / fast, brioche)

mixing programs"Raisins" (white bread, wholegrain, light, soft) / "filled" (white bread)

Number of programs18

program listHard crust: white bread, raisin white bread, filled white bread, wholemeal bread, raisin wholegrain bread, light, easy with raisins. Baking programs: Soft, soft / fast, soft / raisins, soft / raisins / fast, brioche. Only bake / gluten-free: gluten-free bread, gluten-free cake. Others: bread dough, pizza dough, jam

Bread size [white bread] - width (about mm)150

Bread size [white bread] - height (about mm)110

Bread size [white bread] - depth (about mm)190

equipmentMeasuring spoon, measuring cup

GENERALpackagingOffset litho

Packaging size - width (about cm)45

Packaging size - height (about cm)38

Packaging size - depth (about cm)32

Gross weight (approx.8.5

O / I-languageEnglish, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Finnish, Danish, Swedish

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